If you're wanting to see how many hours each of your teacher's has delivered, this article will help you run the right report or view this article below on teacher attendance/performance.

Otherwise check out our YouTube channel.


STEP 1 CLASS REPORT - Getting overview of classes delivered

The best way to access our reports is to Class Admin from the top nav bar

Scroll to the bottom of the page to click Class Reports

The Class Reports page allows you to access all the information you need about teacher and student class attendance

Click Advanced Search to run reports for specific teachers

You can see at a glance when a teacher:

  • Attended the class ontime
  • Was late to the class (hover to get time)
  • Was a no-show


STEP 2 | ADVANCED SEARCH RESULTS PAGE - Looking to filter by teacher and date

Start with the main search bar at the top:

  • Search by teacher, teachers or All teachers
  • Search by date range

With this high level search, you can now quickly discover:

  • How many classes the teacher scheduled in the month or date range
  • How many classes the teacher actually attended in the month or date range
  • How many classes the teacher was late for
  • What time the teacher attended each scheduled class
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